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The Albright


Monday - Friday 12pm- 9PM | Saturday - Sunday 11am- 10PM

258 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401




After 35 years as SM Pier Seafood, Yunnie Kim Morena took the helm of the Pier
mainstay which her parents had opened in 1977 upon emigrating to the U.S. from
Korea. Yunnie and her husband, Greg Morena, modernized and streamlined the look
while preserving the restaurant’s original atmosphere and character. The relaxed
seaside setting is a perfect compliment to the delicious menu that reflects a
commitment to sustainably caught seafood, locally sourced ingredients, as well as an
extensive craft beer and California wine program.

The Morenas and their team at The Albright have been trailblazers in sustainability
and greening efforts. Recognized as the first sustainable business on the Pier and
awarded the 2016 SQA Award winners, The Albright faithfully follows the triple
bottom line framework and aims to help create a green movement across all
businesses on the Pier. They believe running sustainable businesses that also support
other local businesses and vendors, will engender a sense of respect and social
responsibility from the Santa Monica community.

Greg and Yunnie also own and operate a variety of restaurant and catering concepts
under their restaurant group EST. 1977, paying homage to the family business legacy
that began in 1977. Combining high concept design with a commitment to using
sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, the Morenas have created a vibrant
empire that continues to expand.

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258 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica CA 90401

(310) 394-9683

Monday-Friday 12pm-9pm

Saturday -Sunday 11am-10pm

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